Game Merchandise Profit Calculator

This profit calculator helps you estimate monthly income based on the number of monthly active users your game has or a number of active users needed to reach monthly income goals.

Profit Calculator

This monthly profit calculator helps you estimate how much you will earn given certain active user figures or how many active users your game needs in order to reach your monthly profit goals. For example, your game has 10'000 monthly active users.
Based on TheMonetizr case studies, we know that on average game merchandise will be seen by 60% of all monthly active users. This tells us that a total of 6'000 monthly active users will see or interact with your game branded swag inside your game. TheMonetizr helps you earn on average $5 per sale or $180 RPU or revenue per 1000 active users. Thus, your monthly profit is estimated to be $1'080 from your game merch.
Or here's another example, you know that you need your game to generate $5'000 in profit from merchandise. TheMonetizr provides $180 RPU. This tells us that you need to reach roughly 28'000 active monthly users to get to your goal. As we know on average 60% of all users will see your merchandise. Then you need a little over 46'000 monthly active users to get to your goal.


Please keep in mind that we're not distinguishing between merchandise shop inside the game or selling merchandise based on game achievements, where conversion rates are higher  - all merchandise profits are treated as one. So it's profit per active users reached, not profit from all users or game downloads from the app store.
Remember that any interaction with your users must be highly qualitative in order to ensure high conversion rates. Think about how to seamlessly integrate TheMonetizr in your game and reward your loyal users and enrich the gaming experience.
Let's say that you're selling merchandise inside your game, you have social media shop sales, and website shop sales. Then you would want to calculate pure profit per sale. In this case, just multiply your estimated number of purchases by $5 - our average game developer profit per sale.