About the game: Fancy Dogs

A cute and addictive match three game where you can dress up fancy looking dogs 🐶 by solving puzzles. It's an exciting journey of collecting various dog breeds, dress them up with awesome looking costume sets, capture funny moments and show them off to your friends and family. The game is available on Android and iOS.

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Fancy dogs game

Dogs have never been this fancy before. Join the journey of collecting cute dogs 🐶 and turning them into the fanciest dogs ever seen!

Fancy Dogs gameplay

The game play

The game features 150+ different addicting puzzles, with a wide variety of difficulty to either relax or challenge yourself. The more challenging, the bigger the prizes. 

The challenge of the game helps turn players into loyal gamers, letting them unlock 12+ different dog breeds.

Games navigation

Game navigation

The gamers have the possibility to buy game branded merchandise in the same menu they use to buy in-game products. The products are branded with different dog breeds that the player has unlocked. 


By integrating TheMonetizr Unity SDK, Fancy Dogs added their game merchandise shop. The merch shop is placed right in the main game navigation next to features and in-app purchases enabling easy accessibility.

Fancy Dogs in-game merchandise shop


Fancy Dogs in-game merchandise shop. Players can find out game merchandise in the shop section. 

Selling merchandise products with the same game character that the player has unlocked, helps increase conversion from loyal gamers.

Game checkout view


In the game checkout view player can see multiple product images, change color and size of the product. And read more details about the product.

Two payment methods are provided - web checkout supporting Credit Cards and Pay Pal, and one touch fingerprint payments with Apple Pay.

Easy purchase with one touch payment

one touch payment

Game supports Apple Pay and Google Pay payment methods, enabling easy purchases by using fingerprint.


Data collected: Jun-Jul, 2017.

Active Users

10'000 weekly

Weekly active users - how many users actively play the game every week.

User Reach

Avrg. 400 weekly

User reach - how many active users have seen the merch products within the game.

Conversion Rate

1.1% from Reach

Conversion rate - % of all reached users who have purchased game merch.

RPU Rate

$55 per 1K Users

RPU rate - revenue per thousand active weekly users.


I’ve always wanted to add my own game merchandise to the game. With TheMonetizr Unity SDK as was able to that with matter of minutes. It works seamlessly. And the best is that everything is being taked care of, so I can focus on the game.
— Phong Thai | CEO at Genix Lab

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