About the game: Guts

GUTS is an ultra-violent unique fighting game where players must dismember their opponents by chopping off arms and legs. Even while missing a limb or two, the brawl continues until one fighter emerges victorious. 
The game is available on PC (Steam and Windows), PS4, Xbox One


GUTS game

Set in the year of 2067, GUTS is a deadly reality TV show that feeds of the dystopian Earth.

Players compete in bloody arenas to earn fame and fortune as the world’s next fighting idol.

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The game play

Fight 🔪 and dismember 💣to win, but most important: HAVE FUN! In GUTS there's no timer and you have to fight to complete your GUTS bar. When the bar is fulfilled you're ready to make a GUTS Move and dismember to win! 🥇


By integrating TheMonetizr Unity SDK, Guts added a merchandise shop to their game. The shop is placed on the online website. The in-game integration is developing at the moment.


The shop is placed on the online website, therefore it is available to anyone who would like to purchase these nicely designed products.

When you've finally chosen the product you'd like to purchase, you can adjust both its size and colour so that it would match your preferences.
To meet everyone's expectations and satisfy every taste, we've made sure to have an incredibly wide range of available products.



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