About the game: Hatch-it!

Hatch-It! is a 70 level puzzle game, designed for everyone who loves adventure puzzles. In the game where a small 🤖 robot saves 🥚 un-hatched baby dinosaurs.  The game is developed by Multivarious Games, and is available on Android and iOS devices.

Do you Have what it Takes?

Hatch-it! GAME

Journey back to the time of the Dinosaurs as a brave little 🤖 robot built by Dr. Tyrannosaurus, PhD.

The genius inventor and dinosaur, whose mission is to save 🥚 un-hatched baby dinos before the big asteroid hits 🌎 earth and 💥 wipes out dinosaur kind for good!

Over 70 levels of puzzles!


Swipe the robot around each level, hatching dinosaurs while avoiding all the hazards of the prehistoric world. Each dinosaur is unique with it's own set of abilities that can help or hinder you on your progress.

Time is short to save them all, so you better get hatching!

Travel to 5 different lands!


The game consists of 5 different worlds - Forest, Desert, Tar Pits, Snowy Mountains and Volcano, each with different challenges.

Come adventure along with Dr. T and his 🤖 robot in this challenging and quirky puzzle game.


The game includes TheMonetizr Unity SDK that enables to reward Hatch-it! fans with game branded T-shirts, Mugs, Phone Cases and hoodies. Merchandise is placed throughout the game narrative, so the more levels are played, the bigger discount is earned.

Unlocking merch as elements on the map

Merch as hidden elements

As player progresses through the levels, hidden elements on the map are unlocked together with all 7 game collectibles.

The more levels are solved, the bigger discount is earned.

Merchandise options


Hatch-it! fans can earn all 7 game merchandise collectibles. The game is designed with an incentive of acquiring all "hatch-it wear".

Game checkout view


In the game checkout view player can see multiple product images, change color and size of the product. And read more details about the product.

Two payment methods are provided - web checkout supporting Credit Cards and Pay Pal. One touch fingerprint payments with Apple Pay will be included in the next update.

Easy Web checkout with PayPall, Apple Pay or Credit Card payment


Easy web checkout with PayPal, Apple Pay or Credit Card payment. All payments are supported by Stripe.

User either logs into PayPal or App Pay to confirm the transaction, or simply enters customer information, Shipping address and confirms the Credit Card payment. 


We’ve partnered with TheMonetizr to offer in-app purchasing of real world merchandise! Playing the game will unlock discounts for this merchandise, so have fun playing without ads getting in the way!
— Christopher Volpe | CEO at Multivarious Games

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