About The Viper

The Viper, also known as Ørjan, is a 25-year old Norwegian Viking and a loyal player of the legendary Age of Empires II. Over time he has gathered quite an impressive fanbase and has since established his own gamer brand.

With the help of TheMonetizr, he was finally able to create an online merchandise shop that brought his beloved brand to the physical world in the form of awesome T-shirts, mugs and other amazing game-branded merch items.

 TheMonetizr Solution

TheMonetizr created a merchandise shop which is available on Twitch.

The case of Viper is a great example of how integrating a shop on your social media can easily make your branded products go viral.

The Viper merchandise shop


Every Twitch user can easily land on The Viper merchandise shop, placed under customized landing page name.


The shop is available to anyone on the internet and serves as a convenient platform through which one can acquire exclusive merchandise goodies by The Viper!


The shop is placed on the famous online streaming platform Twitch, and is available to anyone who fancies beautifully designed merchandise products.

When you've finally chosen the product you'd like to purchase, you can adjust both its size and colour so that it would match your preferences.

To meet everyone's expectations and satisfy every taste, we've made sure to have an incredibly wide range of available products.

the viper product view.png
TheViper -Your Shopping Cart.png


Here the customer can see the contents of his/her shopping cart and decide whether to continue shopping (adding new products to your cart) or proceed to the checkout.

Customer information

When proceeding to the checkout, the customer will be kindly asked to fill in all the information fields. This information will help to secure a quick and precise delivery of the order.

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The Viper Payment.png

Payment method

The payment methods available - web checkout supporting Credit Cards or Pay Pal.


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