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How does it work?

We are giving away one million Monetizr credits.  Once credits are gone, you can always purchase them, discover on our website or receive from Monetizr team. Game devs can use their credits to give merch away to players and boost player engagement. Once we boost up the engagement metrics, we will work with you to optimize for game monetization   through player merchandise purchases.

Look for token credits, here's one: "Monetizr2019"

Look for credits

If you found this page, chances are, you already own credits. Get more on our website, blog, case studies, newsletters and more. Consider them like Easter Eggs.

Claim token credits

Claim credits

Register credits below. The pricing will help see what they can be exchanged for. Or book a demo and let us give you a private tour around Monetizr. 

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  Use credits on your game

Exchange credits to implement Monetizr and drive game revenue, unlock behavioral data to create amazing experiences or get some free game collectibles.

👋   Hi, I’m Martins!

I founded Monetizr to help mobile game developers with game monetization. We partnered with 30+ indie GameDevs like Slopes, Abzorba Games, Multivarious Games, Blackbox, a.o. Monetizr helps reward your players with an opportunity to unlock & purchase real-world products right inside the game. This works and it has helped to increase CLTV by up to 25%!

Monetizr is giving away ONE MILLION CREDITS to mobile game developers who will join as early adopters. Use credits to reward players with high-quality game collectibles like t-shirts, 3d figurines, gift cards etc. right inside your game. Claim free credits, build fantastic gaming experiences, get competitive edge to your game and help us to shape the product!  

We've spread credits everywhere - on my business cards, in Monetizr blog posts, newsletters, documentation, giveaways, and even in this page. Find them, claim them and use free credits to build better experience for your players. Let the scavenger hunt begin!

Hi, I am Martins Bratuskins from Monetizr

Use Credits for your Players & Yourself 

Credits can be redeemed for more than 20 services and hundreds of various merchandise items. 

Mobile game developer

For you as Game Developer 

Credits to use for integration, reward packs, behavioural data analysis, premium services and more...

Game merchandise set-up

2 000 Credits 

Drive game revenue by selling your own game collectibles inside the game. 

Octalysis analysis of your game
Octalysis analysis
of your game 

2 000 Credits 

Make your game even better. 6 to 10-page detailed analysis of player behavior insights inside your game. 

Gift card pack integration
Gift card pack

10 000 Credits 

Gift cards from popular brands motivate players to make in-app purchases to reach goal faster.

Brand reward integration
reward integration

 10 000 Credits

Enable world leading brands to reward your players with high quality products. We will match brand to your game story so it feels like a part of the game. This will make game experience better and drive more revenue.

T-shirt bundle as a gift for your team members and investors
T-Shirt bundle 
for your team

 1 000 Credits

Reward your team for all their hard work. 10 matching game t-shirts to wear with pride.

Report on what sells the best

 500 Credits

Industry insights in player behavior and buying habits. Helps place better rewards when updating game.

Monetizr services
Free Monetizr services
for 1 year

10 000 Credits 

Merchandise integration, dedicated account manager and game t-shirt bundle for your team to give you competitive advantage.

Premium pack of Monetizr
Premium Pack 

100 000 Credits 

All Monetizr services, data and giveaways as well as dedicated account manager helping your gamer experience skyrocket. 

Design services

1 000 Credits 

We will design your exclusive merch product line. 20 hours of top-notch designer time to make your products look and feel amazing. 

Monetizr set-up via API
via API

1 500 Credits

Sell high quality game related merchandise right inside your game. Set-up done via API.

Monetizr set-up via Unity, Android or iOS
iOS, Unity or
Android set-up

 1 000 Credits

 Sell your merchandise in iOS, Unity or Android based game. We will do the set-up for you.

Gamers love playing mobile games

For your players

Reward your players with your own game collectibles right inside your game

Box + Shirt + Letter
Box + Shirt + Letter

200 Credits 

Customize player experience. Box with game branding + game t-shirt and a letter from the main game figure.

Caps, Hats
Wearable accesories

200 Credits

Your game merch can be the star of Instagram worthy pictures. Everything from cool hats and flip-flops to yoga shirts and even capri leggings.  

Game accessories
Game accesories

200 Credits

Offer as limited edition collectibles. Items include water bottles, posters, phone cases and even pillows to help your players dream bigger.

Game pins
100 Pins

2 000 Credits

Small statement pieces for players, It's like an exclusive members-only club for your gamers. Delivered right in their mailbox.

Game t-shirt

100 Credits

1 free regular T-shirt for your players. Give it away for free, or sell for 200% profit. 

High quality game shirt
Stealth T-Shirt

150 Credits 

1 free black on black stealth t-shirt to reward your most loyal players. Exclusive shirt look and hugh quality has made it a player favorite item.

Game apparel
Other apparel

200 Credits

Choose from hoodies, zip hoodies, sweatshirts, tank-tops - everything and then some. Available to all your players with design of your choosing.


20 Credits 

Game decal to stick on favorite surfaces and a reminder that is always in front of players to log into the game.

Plush toys for your game
100 plush toys 

2 000 Credits 

100 plush game charachter look-a-like toys. Let your players cuddle their heroes.  After initial setup, repeatable price per item is lowered significantly. 

3d figurines
3D Figurines

500 Credits

Make your game heroes come to life in three sizes - small, medium or large. They can reside in your player figurine collections for yeard to come.

Free shipping on all your customer orders
Free Shipping 

200 Credits 

"Free shipping" gets more purchases than "20% off". Get it for all US orders.

Express shipping for your premium players
Express shipping

100 Credits 

Excitement is so much bigger when order arrives in a blink of an eye. Enable this option as soon as merchandise is added to in-game store  

Gift cards
10 gift cards

1 000 Credits 

Gift card is a great motivator for player to make in-app purchases to reach the goal faster. 10 Spotify Gift Cards, each worth $5 sound like a great game challenge for players.  

Pack of t-shirts with your game design
Pack of T-Shirts

1 000 Credits 

Bundle of 20 game t-shirts. Fulfilled with your player satisfaction in mind. Reward your most loyal players or sell for even bigger profits.  

Inside label with a note or an easter egg will surprise your players
Inside label 

50 Credits 

Customize all parts of game shirts. Add a tag with personal message unlocking secret level or an inside joke that will brighten the players day.  

Claim credits!

Is your game signed-up? Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to do the proper set-up. 

Redeem Monetizr credits here. Exchange credits to use Monetizr services, unlock paid data insights, get free merch, and more. GiveFirst will give you 20 credits. It's a free decal! Find more credits for bigger rewards.

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Game / Company Name


Credit Code

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10,000 Credits
Game merchandise set-up

8,000 Credits 

+2,000 Bonus credits 

1,000 Credits
Game merchandise set-up

900 Credits

+100 Bonus credits 

100 Credits
Game merchandise set-up

100 Credits


Frequently asked questions. Look up here most typical questions

Can players earn credits by playing? Or are their only options is to play to UNLOCK products they can then turn around and BUY.

Token credits that Monetizr is giving away are only for game developer. Your players will not earn credits. GameDev chooses where and how to use these credits that he/she claims. For example, if you want to reward players with an opportunity to buy your game merch - Monetizr will do this set-up for you and design your game swag. If you want to give away free merch for first 10 people who unlock level x, Monetizr will handle that and give 10 free shirts for your players. Same with other options, choose where and how you want to use your credits for...

Is Monetizr now designed to work ALONGSIDE traditional ads?

Yes, Monetizr can work alongside every monetization methods you have!

Where can I get credits?

It’s a scavenger hunt. Look for credits on and in anything that comes from Monetizr - our business cards, newsletters, blog posts, homepage, e-mails, technical documentation to name a few. Most credits can be obtained if you meet us in event. We will have something up our sleeves, so to say.

Can I buy credits?

Even better - you can find them! Of course, if your patience is running thin, you can obtain Monetizr Premium pack. It unlocks perks worth 100’000  credits - all the services, data and giveaways as well as dedicated account manager helping you create amazing game experience.

Are these products for free?

Our services cost credits. They can be obtained by either hunting for clues around Monetizr network and meeting us at events or by purchasing Monetizr Premium pack worth 100’000 credits. 

How many credits are there?

There are 1 million credits. Hurry up and claim yours before they’re all snatched up!

How exactly can Monetizr help my game?

With the help of AI-based rewards, Monetizr drives revenue and engagement for your game. Our technology allows you to put unlockable real world-value rewards like t-shirts or 3D figurines within your game. As players get further and further in the game, they unlock exclusive merchandise, discounts, and other surprises. During Beta tests we recorded 25% increase in customer lifetime value and in-game conversion rates increased to 10.6%.

What do I get for credits? 

See more detailed “Credit pricing” part. For example, implemented game reward engine and 100 credits will get you a free t-shirt. You can do a giveaway in your game or sell shirts to players for double profit.

How can I exchange credits? 

Step one - redeem your credits. Afterwards choose items you’re interested and email us. We’ll get in touch with you, discuss your game and together we provide best experiences for your gamers. Step two - rewards are at your disposal for gamers to claim. 

Do I have to have a wallet for credits? 

No, you don’t need a wallet. Just an e-mail you check regularly. We will send you earned credit amounts and balance there. If you cannot find them, just send us an e-mail, we will let you know your current balance.

What if I lost my credits?

 If credits are registered, you’re all good and on your way to drive revenue for game. If credits are unregistered, that’s unfortunate. But it is still an Easter Egg hunt and you can find more credits to redeem as you find them.

Do you have a question?

Feel free to ask them on our Slack, via Twitter @TheMonetizr, or email us. See contact form above.  Oh, and if you want a free 20 credit, use this code: "GiveFirst". Yep, just like that you now have a free decal.

What people say about Monetizr

"Monetizr is like Chuck E. Cheese but for video games. They enable game developers to give rewards to gamers, that they can exchange for physical merchandise products."

Nolan Bushnell

Founder of Atari, Chuck E. Cheese, X2

"Monetizr brings a fresh approach to the crowded mobile app ecosystem. It's exciting to see them push the envelope and offer developers ways to engage with their users in the real world."

Tim O'Neil

VP, North America at AppOnboard, Inc.

"We've partnered with Monetizr to offer in-app purchasing of real world merchandise! Playing the game will unlock discounts for this merchandise, so have fun playing without ads getting in the way!"

Christopher Volpe

Multivarious Games, GDEX, Ohio Game Developer Association

"Monetizr is like Chuck E. Cheese but for video games. 

It enables game developers to give rewards to gamers, which they can then exchange for physical merchandise products."

Nolan Bushnell

Founder of Atari, Chuck E. Cheese and X2

"We've partnered with Monetizr to offer in-app purchasing of real world merchandise! Playing the game will unlock discounts for this merchandise, so have fun playing without ads getting in the way!"

Christopher Volpe

Multivarious Games, GDEX, Ohio Game Developer Association

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