How a casual puzzle game on iOS increased CLTV by 24.8%


Increased Customer Lifetime Value


Paying User Conversion Rate


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GrowPixel, the mobile developers of Blackbox, were seeking unique in-game activities for their Apple Design award winning game. Grow Pixel was working on new and engaging puzzles while their players were asking for merchandise. For a developer without existing infrastructure for managing game gear it was important to have all points covered: payments, product handling, refunds, shipping management.

Blackbox saw potential to answer both challenges together with Monetizr.

QR code unlocks hidden in-game content

Hidden Easter eggs unlock exclusive app icons

Players are encouraged to share their experiences on social media


Step 1: Motivate

We focused on highly engaged users, who were playing the game for more than three months and made at least one in-app purchase. Triggers were created to motivate players to reach level 15 and level 25. Subtle in-game notifications about the upcoming rewards were added as reminders before hard-to-complete levels. Payer amount who reached desired levels increased together with playtime, in-app purchases, and premium content sales.

Step 2: Reward

Once players reached the desired levels, access to exclusive Blackbox merchandise was unlocked. The stealth black-on-black t-shirt and premium decals were available for purchase right from the game's interface. Monetizr's Apple Pay integration was added to support in-game transactions.

Step 3: Celebrate

Within a week, players received a customized package of goodies. The box itself became a part of the puzzle. Solving it created a meta-experience for players by unlocking exclusive content in the game through hidden Easter eggs.



Within the first year after launching Monetizr solution, GrowPixel increased CLTV by +24.8%, with a high 10.7% conversion rate from paying users that spent money on game gear.


Merchandise rewards worked like a retention trigger and brought players back to the game, resulting in an additional boost of IAP and premium content sales.


The developer's only investment was in the time required to make small edits to push notifications, add Monetizr plugin to the game, test, and approve the prepared product designs. Taking time into account, the overall return on investment ratio was 1 to 78.

Player Experience:

Since Blackbox is a puzzle game, the player meta-experience was delivered through an additional puzzle on product packaging and hidden QR code that led back to the game. The packages were shipped directly to excited players' home addresses. Hundreds of tweets and unboxing videos appeared on Twitter and YouTube.

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"As a game developer, you're used to having three options for monetization - charging upfront, using in-app-purchases and advertising. Monetizr is a great new fourth option that supports all other revenue streams!"

Ryan McLeod

Founder at GrowPixel

About GrowPixel

GrowPixel is an Apple design award-winning game studio founded by former Apple Developer Ryan McLeod.

Blackbox is an iOS puzzle game that users can play without tapping or swiping the screen. It is a growing collection of 70+ puzzles, solved with outside the box thinking. The player may need to tilt their iPhone, shout into its microphone, or do something a lot trickier. Thinking creatively and finding the answer feels deeply rewarding, even profound—earning Blackbox an Apple Design Award and more than 77,000 five stars ratings.

Download the game here:

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