Play the Demo to Get an Idea of Player Experience

Imagine that you have designed a T-Shirt for your game. And imagine that you have added Monetizr plugin to your game. This is how it might play out.

How to Play


Click and hold to start the jump


When gauge reaches green zone release your hold


At the highest jump point click once to jump over obstacle

You are on a mobile device.

Demo is currently optimized for desktop browsers.

We encourage you to play the demo in a new tab.

Event Flow

Monetizr has built technology that is flexible and can be adapted to any game or platform via API. That said, there is a "standard" underlying workflow that we encourage to game developers. Features described here are already built and all you need to do is connect them inside your game.

Here's how it plays out.


Motivate the Player to Achieve a Game Goal

Players play your game as usual. At some point in game you inform them about the reward. That helps to motivate Players to achieve game's goals. At Monetizr we call these messages "Incentives".


Inform the Player about Newly Unlocked Gear

When the Player meets reward criteria to show a reward notification. This informs them about reward and let's them conscientiously click to view it. That way there's no unexpected behavior and player is in control.


Show the Product

Clicking on Call To Action button leads players to what we call "Reward View". A Reward View allows to preview the product in device language, select preferred options and make a purchase. After the purchase the player is redirected back to the game.


Receive the Payment

Players select their preferred payment method and make the payment. If you choose to buy some items beforehand and give them to Players for free, then in this step, Monetizr collects only shipping addresses.


Package Arrive at Player's Doorstep

Finally all that is left is receiving the shipment. Monetizr ships globally to most countries. To date we have sent packages to Players in 111 countries. Players are eligible for refunds and returns with no questions asked.


Bring Player Back to the Game

Add leaflets with engagement loops such as personalized messages, Easter eggs, and secret meta-puzzles. Give players more than they expect.

Who will you reward?