Excited players and revenue with achievement-driven physical rewards


Increase of ARPPU by +18%


New Revenue per Paying User


ROI for Developer


Consumed by Code is the developer behind Slopes - an app for snowboarders and skiers with a high base of super loyal users.

It works like a fitness app recording vertical and horizontal distance traveled on slopes. Once recorded, it creates a 3D playback of your downhill ride. Users pay a monthly subscription to access the service.

The key challenge for the app was to retain high-value users and keep premium subscribers motivated and bragging about their results.

Slopes saw potential to answer both challenges together with Monetizr.


Step 1: Motivate

Monetizr and Slopes created a new set of challenges launching achievement-driven rewards like Slopes physical gear for days, runs, mileage, and seasons spent on the Slopes app. The harder the milestones - the more exclusive the gear.

Step 2: Reward

Once users achieve the desired metrics, they unlock an opportunity to purchase Slopes gear right within the app's interface. These products are fully customized and serve as bragging rights for premium users. Monetizr provided a turn-key experience for Slopes - handling transactions right within app’s UI, merch production, and delivery to users anywhere in the world.

Step 3: Celebrate

While Monetizr takes care of the heavy lifting, app developers can focus on delivering a great digital product, while Monetizr creates surprises in the packaging of the physical gear and unlocks bragging rights for most sophisticated subscribers.



The customer lifetime value increase for one season of slopes has been +18% ARPPU. Users who were already paying spent additional +$11.52 thanks to Monetizr.

Bragging rights:

App users thanked Curtis for the provided merch. Users submitted their photos wearing gear proudly and showcasing their most difficult accomplishments to the world!


The developer added only couple of lines of code and approved the campaign; Monetizr product fulfillment and creative teams handled the rest. This solution works already for the 3rd slopes season giving the developer a positive ROI of 1:56.

Player Experience:

It wasn't the Slopes who handled all the technology, seamless transactions, product packaging, customer support, and worldwide delivery. Behind the scenes, Monetizr handled everything. Delivering a native white-glove experience for users. Slopes unlocked new game achievements in real life!

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"Over the last two years Slopes has had its exclusive Monetizr merchandise unlocked through in-app achievements. The merch / achievement has really engaged its dedicated users, with many pushing themselves to ski more in real life so that they can unlock the most hard-to-get items."

Curtis Herbert

Creator of Slopes

About Consumed by Code

Slopes is your best friend during the snowboarding season. It gives you all the details you crave about from favorite days skiing or snowboarding like tracking speed, vertical, and distance. It uses only the phone's GPS while being easy on the battery, allowing you to ride all day. The users can claim their bragging rights with awesome ways to share their day, including customizable images for social media and replays on 3D virtual mountains.

Created by Curtis Herbert, a snowboarder himself, Slopes has been repeatedly featured on Tomsguide, Mashable, Appleinsider, 9to5mac, and others, while carrying a 4.8-star average review on the Apple app store.

Download the app here:

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