Trash Dash

Play the Trash Dash game with and without Monetizr's branded missions.

To play Trash Dash:

- Click on Start / Missions

- You will see a branded mission

- Once you've completed the mission, you will be able to claim a reward sponsored by the brand

This game is built using Monetizr Challenges SDK. Challenges are calls to players to participate in a competitive situation or a fight to decide who is superior in terms of ability or strength.

Within Monetizr brands sponsor game rewards if players accomplish game events. For example, a player participates in a game quest and completes a mission. The Trash Dash is an endless runner game that includes a Monetizr mission, you can view it under "Missions" menu. The players task is to collect a specified amount of in-game collectibles and then he can claim the reward.

You can install this Trash Dash game on your devices as well. For Windows, Macintosh and Linux navigate to the Github repository and download the directory for your platform and enjoy. You can play the Trash Dash game online if your browser has WebGL enabled. However the online version does not entirely display the user experience.