Potential Monetization Events

Here is the list of potential events that can engage your app users and drive your revenue. Every app is unique and everything is customizable.



Leaderboard. Player on top of the leaderboard for a week? Unlock a reward only to the privileged ones. 

Congratulate Winners. A winner in a friend challenge or in a tournament battle, congratulate the medalist with game branded leggings, first of it's kind.

Time trial award. Any game where time trial is a challenge. Award players with inalienable game branded tote bag.

Bonus for the difficultness. The harder the accomplishment, the better the product deal or a bundle deal for a special price.


Level completion. For arcade games, reward players when reaching level X by offering exclusive game branded merchandise, think Phone Case for Candy Crush players.

Status earned. Award your app users with status unlocks, think Boom Beach example.

Challenges completed. A benefit for a Challenge completion - a special bundle of throw pillows.

Point Milestone reached. Respect! The player collected 10’000 pts, only 1% of players have reached this far. Turn fans into superfans with ritzy hoodies.


Hidden stuff within the game. Incentivize players to browse around to find limited edition mugs.

Easter eggs. Hide product icons on game world map that the player can click.

Convert coins into gifts. Exchange coins, diamonds or points for exclusive game branded gifts. Build app awareness in real life with the help of physical products.

Any Custom Event. Choose your own event to monetize.


Add Merch to your in-game Shop. Do You have a shop section? Wonderful! Add a Buy Merch button there to offer fashionable full print t-shirts.

Buy merch in your menu. Add a Buy Merch button under your menu. Simple link that opens up memorable stuff.

As a special section. Create a special section showcasing your game art.

Giveaway. Build your brand awareness outside the mobile space, with a physical product in the real world. Giveaway is a great for additional exposure.

Refer a friend. Award app users, when they invite a friend. Free shirt with a new design for every friend who joins, sounds nice?