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Hi superhero! You will find frequently asked questions here like... Show me the demo? How does it work for F2P games? Where can I find documentation? What collectibles I can sell? What is experience for gamer? And more...

Product case study of Apple Design Award winning game called Blackbox. See how Monetizr increased developers CLTV by 25%. Click here to see it.

See a walkthrough presented by Martins, Founder at Monetizr. Quick demo, game walkthrough, game placement, integration and players purchase.

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👋   Hi, I'm Martins!

I founded Monetizr to help game developers like yourself to make your player experiences AMAZING!!!

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Hi, I am Martins Bratuskins, Founder at Monetizr

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Here are the best practices for applying behavioral incentives to drive game revenue. Click here to learn more!

We believe that the gamer is a hero who has embarked the amazing journey. We are here to enhance the experience of your player! Monetizr engages with your player along this journey rewarding them for time, skills and money spent. We call it the Gamer’s Journey. Learn more!

Monetizr supports native iOS, Android, Unity and API set-up. To add Monetizr to your game it's up to 10 hours of developers time.  Click here to read the documentation.

We reward your users with an opportunity to unlock and buy:  your own game merch like t-shirts, hats, 3d-figurines, decals, and 40+ other products gift cards from Amazon, Apple, even sponsored services or your own game unlockables; And sponsored rewards from brands that fit your core audience and goes well with the narrative of the game. Learn more!


We can help to make your players experience phenomenal. Let's chat!

See how Monetizr has seamlessly integrated in games. We use behavioural incentives to make gamers feel amazing thus driving engagement metrics of your game. Learn more!

Leading brands are looking for best ways how to engage with gamers. They know that ads suck and are looking for rewarding experiences. This does improve the gaming experience and significantly improves revenue. We do matchmaking so that brand and your story fit together. Learn more!

Each game is a journey, and every player is a hero on a mission. At Monetizr, we are designing game reward experiences following the best principles of the hero’s journey. And we can do that for your game.