Answers to frequently asked questions.

What is Monetizr?

Monetizr is a turn-key platform for game developers enabling to sell or give-away game gear right inside the game’s UI. Our goal is to make managing merchandise as simple as possible and add new ways of providing it. For everyone - game developers, manufacturers, shipping partners and of-course players themselves.

Monetizr is connecting vendors and manufacturers as well as shipping partners across the world into one place. It creates a unique opportunity to expand player experience with adding real life gear to the game and brand.

How it works?

First, log into Monetizr Console. There you can find guides, manage and preview their offers. Then you need to install a Monetizr plugin or build a REST API. After that you provide the name (id) of the offer you want to use in the plugin code. After that it's time test test and launch. Along the way we're here to support you.

What merchandise items are available?

Monetizr offered gear items can be categorized as game gear (apparel, accessories, etc.), gift cards and brand-sponsored rewards. The Top5 products are a t-shirt, socks, pins, decals and gift cards. For more information, please see our blog post.

Who are Monetizr competitors?

Answer pending.

How will Monetizr benefit my game?

If you want to offer your players game merchandise but don't want to manage it we'll do that for you. We aim to help your game by providing:

  • Personalized gear. One of a kind gear for clans and individual players: gamer tags, insignia, score, you name it! ;
  • Enhanced experiences. Add personalized messages, Easter eggs, and secret meta-puzzles to drive player engagement;
  • Boost retention. Create player engagement loops & boost D30 to D90 retention rate with valuable incentives for VIP players;
  • Drive revenue. Increase ARPPU by motivating players to accomplish high-value game events & purchase physical products;
  • White-label placements. Product purchase and placements that feel like a native part of the game.

Is a pilot project possible when starting to use Monetizr?

Yes! We'll help with the your first project set-up and offer our insights and knowledge to make your campaign a success story.

How does Monetizr handle data privacy?

In the age of data privacy we treat the obligation to protect the data privacy of players and game developers themselves as one of our core principles.

Monetizr acquires payment and shipping details from players as part of the operations. We do not and will not sell these details to anyone. Monetizr does share some details with 3rd parties to fulfill the orders due to the nature of business. Here's what we share with 3rd parties:

  • transaction details - Players send payment information to Monetizr that automatically communicates with payment processing services. This allows payment from one bank account to be sent to another bank account;
  • item specifications and shipping location - once payment is successful we communicate item specifications to manufacturers and shipping addresses to shipping providers. If a vendor provides both, manufacturing and shipping, then we share both to the same party. We don't communicate any other details to 3rd parties other than those that are required for order fulfillment.

What is the best time for a game developer to use Monetizr?

We've found that the best time for integrating Monetizr is for games that have already launched and gained some traction with users. Experience tells us that for mobile games it's a good time to add Monetizr if:

  • D7 retention close to 40%
  • D30 retention is around 30% or more
  • Bugs in the game are fixed
  • Stable in-game retention rates.

But waiting for successful launch can limit the design options for advanced integrations. Don't hesitate to try out Monetizr at an earlier stage for a truly unique experience.

How reliable is Monetizr service infrastructure?

Monetizr utilizes Google Cloud Platform for server infrastructure. It makes our API services to have up-time close to 100%. It also allows to automatically scale the server capacity based on demand.

What is considered gambling?

Video Games, particularly Social Casinos, need to be certain that offering merchandise to players does not constitute gambling. Gambling, in most jurisdictions, requires the meeting of 3 elements, 1. Consideration (an exchange of something of value), 2. Game of Chance, and 3. A prize. Monetizr recommends that developers ensure that games are designed to meet only two of the elements.

Clear Examples

  1. If every player that makes an in-app purchase receives merchandise it's not gambling. There is no chance and probability is 100%.
  2. If a player is not required to purchase anything for a chance to win merchandise it's not gambling. There is no consideration.
  3. If a player is required to reach certain levels inside the game in order to receive a chance to win merchandise it's not gambling. The player did not pay for the chance, but merely spent time in the game to receive a chance.

Border Line Examples

  1. If a player pays extra to become part of a premium club, and everyone in the premium club receives a chance to win, the perceived value of what was received in exchange for the value paid for the premium club, absent the winning prize for which the player receives a chance. In essence, a game developer must determine whether a reasonable person be satisfied with what he/she received as a member of the premium club, even without winning the merchandise.
  2. If a player must invite 5 friends to join the game in order to receive a chance to win merchandise, the value of effort to invite friends will determine whether this is gambling. It is unlikely that human effort or time would constitute consideration, and therefore the task of inviting friends for a chance to win merchandise would not constitute gambling.

What is meta-experience?

Have you ever seen an un-boxing video where the package contains a nice little surprise? That is what we at Monetizr understand as meta-experience. Little touches to products or their packaging adds to the overall enjoyment of receiving and using a product. We encourage all game developers to create meta-experiences for their players.

How to create meta-experience?

There are three main ways of how you can design a meta-experience:

  • Unexpected product details - add subtle things to the products themselves. Make a custom label inside a T-Shirt with player's game name or title;
  • Easter egg in product packaging - add a note inside the package with an vague answer to an in-game secret or tease the player about upcoming expansion. Even single picture of artwork from your game can be a meta-experience;
  • Unlock vanity item in the game - how about adding a digital version of the same item that the player receives in real life? Or a hint to secret in-game level?

Monetizr can handle additional product details and packaging. Doing anything in game is up to you but we can help in any way we can. For example our designers prepare professional artwork for posters.

How do I earn money with Monetizr?

On each transaction game developer can gain additional revenue by adding their preferred margin on top of item's production costs and Monetizr fee. Here's an example -

a player buys a poster for $10. Production costs are $4 and Monetizr fee is $1. For game developer revenue would consist of sale amount minus production costs and minus Monetizr fee.

Sale Amount = Production costs + Game Developer share + Monetizr Fee

Game Developer share = Sale Amount - Production costs - Monetizr Fee

In this case Game Developer would earn $5 from each poster sold ($10 - $4 - $1 = $5).

What services does Monetizr provide?

Monetizr takes care of all the things required for you to have customized physical rewards. That includes:

  • vetting of high-quality material print items;
  • product designs from scratch or use game assets and art;

  • packaging designs;
  • manufacturer selection depending on product and player location.
  • player order processing and shipping logistics;
  • payment processing and order refund handling;
  • white-labeled player support channels (e-mails sent from your domain);
  • Creative services .

What are Monetizr creative services?

Monetizr creative services are made to help busy game developers to come up with product designs and player meta-experiences. Our designers can provide you ideas of how your products might look. But if you want you can also use our product .psd template files to design them yourself.

How does Monetizr guarantee item quality?

We work to provide high quality items by sourcing them only from vetted manufacturers. We sample all products before offering them to game developers for choice. Our quality monitoring process filters out manufacturers that have player complaints or issues for more than 1% of orders shipped. Finally, we've reviewed legal and compliance aspects, shipping, and return policies, geographical restrictions. Let us know if you want to learn more.

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