Here, at TheMonetizr, we are always proud to work with professional and talented partners. With that in mind, we would like to present the latest addition to our team - Freestyle marketing. To get to know them better, read the following!




Yes, at times, it's difficult to grasp. They're the most highly trained people in the industry and are working as an extension of TheMonetizr.

It all started with a simple conversation that laid the groundwork for our ideas, ideas that we would later successfully execute in practice. Today we can safely say that TheMonetizr is on its way to some truly glorious moments. None of it could have happened without Freestyle marketing - folks who are always ready to lend their expertise and invest their passion in the success of our brand.

Our mission is to create exceptional, impactful ideas and programs that would meet and exceed our customers’ expectations - all in collaboration with Freestyle marketing!

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Freestyle marketing is a team of bright-minded folks who are seriously passionate about what they do. Each solution is a collective work with a massive investment of knowledge, talent, and energy. The team has delivered a consistently excellent work, shifting their focus on the strengthening of our brand, while always being aware of the time, place and the audience.


Contact Details:


7430 E. Butherus Drive, Suite C
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
T: 480.998.9878 ext. 218
F: 480.998.9879



1 Main Street, Suite 304
Andover, MA 01810
T: 978.224.7500 ext. 419



220 Montgomery St. Suite 440
San Francisco, CA 94104
T: 415.398.4699
F: 415.398.8699