With Monetizr game studios and app developers get access to our worldwide partner network. That includes digital prizes, physical game gear, importing own merch, and special offers for e-sports teams.

Digital prizes

Gift cards and other physical goodies sent directly to players via e-mail or SMS for completing high-value actions inside the game. Claimable, free offers boost player engagement and other key game metrics.

Physical game gear

Hyper-customized physical game gear. Serves as a badge of honor for players completing certain actions inside the game, like winning levels or coming back to game several days in a row.

Work with own manufacturers

Game studios with their merchandising network can import the existing gear and use only Monetizr tech. Monetizr offers warehousing solutions to get the gear to players as fast as possible.

eSports gear

Custom solution for e-sports teams. Create high quality, customized team uniforms, and gear for fans to support their favorite players. The solution can be integrated into streaming platforms.

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