How Monetizr Works?


Rewards, Prizes and Products presented in the Game's UI


Detailed view & checkout in the Game's UI


Monetizr manages fulfillment and delivery to players worldwide

Try it Yourself


Play to unlock products

Players gradually unlock gear as they progress through the game.

Secret hack - unlock products straight away

Scan this QR code with your iPhone's camera. Try it!



Payments with fingerprints & faces are accepted. Apple Pay, Credit cards, PayPal, Amazon payments.


Receive Merch & Brag Online

Products arrive in customized packaging and they include a "thank you" letter from the game creators!


Easter Eggs in Products

Create additional engagement loops by surprising players with Easter eggs. Monetizr allows to add QR codes, NFC tags and other clues on gear and packaging, therefore creating an immersive game experience in both - digital and physical worlds.

QR code unlocks hidden

in-game content

Hidden Easter eggs unlock exclusive app icons

Players are encouraged to share their experiences on social media


Supper Happy Fans

Thousands of player tweets and user photos, and even unboxing videos on YouTube. Check them out yourself #unboxblackbox

Fans recorded unboxing videos

Some were SUPER unique

Others involved a cat

Let's have a quick chat on how to enhance experience for your VIP players?