White label packaging

Send a beautifully handcrafted premium quality game branded products to the most loyal fans of your game. We will strengthen your brand recognition by presenting a white label packaging including high quality game products to the most loyal users of your game.

Beautifully handcrafted premium quality packaging

Beautifully handcrafted packaging

You will find your company or game logo on a label on the side of the carbon package.

Cardboard box is handsomely tied with a string rope creating an amazing feeling opening it.

It's a very strong effect of presenting your game brand.

Premium quality feel

Premium quality feel

Greet the most loyal users with a personal letter from the CEO of your game company or the main game character himself.

The letter is A6 in size. Include a personal message, game codes, coupon codes, Easter egg secrets, or just say thank you!

Your game users will feel the same excitement, just like opening Apple products.

High quality products

High quality products

Game branded products are wrapped in crisp paper, same used in wealthy brand stores when packing the goods.

The products themselves are always the highest quality. So we can guarantee your user satisfaction!

The box includes a personal letter and game branded product. Additionally we may add a sticker, postcard or a photo book.

Check the video below of how the white label packaging looks in a real life...


If you have questions about white label packaging, let's schedule a quick call!