Game publishers can launch rewards in their game

Monetizr is an intelligent rewards platform for game publishers that keeps players engaged. Create incentives and reward players with gift cards, game gear and brand sponsored rewards. We provide a fully automated rewards management platform.

Connect 50+ Offers to your game. LET'S GO!

Launch Rewards in under 10 minutes

Choose, configure and launch rewards with Monetizr's 3-in-1 Rewards Platform.

We handle all day-to-day operations. You are always in full control.

Reward marketplace

Choose rewards from innovative brands and vendors. Use Physical and Digital rewards to deliver 7-star experiences to your VIP players.

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Hand-picked vendors - from leading brands, game merch manufacturers, dropshipping companies to Etsy-type-of-sellers.

Hyper-personalization - Want to deliver one-of-a-kind rewards to VIP players players at scale? We have an offer for that.

Inspirational rewards - gift cards, giveaways and other offers to excite your VIPs with tangible rewards.

BETA. Brand matchmaking. Custom sponsorship offers from brands that fit your carefully crafted game's environment and context.


Monetizr's Console enables game marketing teams to launch and manage rewards without updating the game.

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Bye, manual work. Hello, automatization. Monetizr handles all daily operations including offer delivery (both digitally and physically), compliance, legal and tax.

Connect your game data and personalize offers to player segments or even individual player IDs.

BETA. Measure the impact right in your dashboard, Firebase, Appsflyer, Adjust, Playfab accounts or request a custom BI reporting API.

BETA. Machine learning powered intelligence allows to predict if your users are potential paying users with 85% accuracy. Use this data to optimize offers or predict paying users.

Low-code setup

Connect with Monetizr's API or SDK to automate the delivery of programmable rewards inside your game's UI. Integrate once, use as often as you wish.

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Integrates natively inside your game's UI and marketing channels.

Supports Claimable and Purchasable offers.

Supports Apple Pay & Google Pay (without 30% cut).

Risk-Free Partnership

Monetizr offers performance based pricing. Try risk free and only pay when you’re ready! Over 90% of studios extend their licenses.

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Experience It Yourself

Game Studios Trust Us

Quotes and Media

Nolan Bushnell

Nolan Bushnell

Founder of Atari, Chuck E. Cheese

"Monetizr is like Chuck E. Cheese but for video games. It enables game developers to give tokens to gamers, which they can then exchange for physical merchandise products."

Tim O'Neil

Tim O'Neil

VP, North America at AppOnboard

"Monetizr brings a fresh approach to the crowded mobile app ecosystem. It's exciting to see them push the envelope and offer developers ways to engage with their users in the real world."

Christopher Volpe

Christopher Volpe

Multivarious Games, GDEX Conference

"We've partnered with Monetizr to offer in-app purchasing of real world merchandise! Playing the game will unlock discounts for this merch, so have fun playing without ads getting in the way!"

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