Become a Vendor on Monetizr

Sell your product in video games via Monetizr Marketplace for $199 a year.

👋 Dear Vendors, Brands, and Service providers!

You spoke, we listened. There's now an affordable option to launch your products on Monetizr Marketplace platform.

- Reach millions of players on mobile and desktop games in our ecosystem.

- Expose and expand the reach of your products to 50+ global games.

- Drive sales of your product or service by being a part of the game.

Ready to connect, learn, and grow engagement with Monetizr-powered features?

The Vendor plan can help! It allows you to publish your own branded product on Monetizr's Marketplace for $199 per year.

Publishing a service exposes and expands your products to 50+ global games with millions of players in our ecosystem. It enables players to discover and game developers to integrate your products, unlocking behavioral insights unique to our platform.

Vendor plan

$199 per year

Expose and expand the reach of your products and services to an ecosystem of 20M players, 50+ game developers globally.

- x1 published service or product

- Product performance and dashboard for sales results

- Access to matchmaking tool

- Access to support team

Your product may be a giveaway, a coupon, an exclusive offer, a collectible, a manufacturer or product fulfillment service, an internet connected thing, a financial service, a platform, a blog, a website, or a combination of a few. Any thing that can be used to incentivize players and enhance their experiences.

Monetizr will take your product or service and connect with the right gaming audiences. We will use your product to incentivize players. That will be as a triggers to boost KPIs for game studio and as a result drive your sales too.

To get started, tap the Vendor plan and follow the steps.

Monetizr Marketplace for Vendors

Our products are attracting 6 million players across 112 countries. We’ve helped over 50 global game developers to enhance experiences for their players.

We have enabled vendors and brands to offer their products and services direct to consumer and offer it right within the game's UI, right when it matters. For the first time in gaming history - products become a part of the game.

We believe that by working together we can deliver a 7-star experiences for millions of players.