Game Merchandise


Selling physical goods inside the game

Multi-language, multi-currency support

Full product customatization

Reward loyal gamers with exclusive products

In-game unique conversion rate up to 17.8%

Everything is handled - product design, eCommerce process, shipping, customer service

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White-label tokens

★ Add real-life value currencies

★ Decentralized cloud computing and storage

★ Increase revenue by crypto mining


Sponsored rewards

★ Brand sponsored rewards

★ Replace traditional advertising

★ Revenue from placement

How It Works


Connect your game with our platform and let players buy products using Credit Cards, Apple Pay and Bitcoin.



Fully scalable cloud hosted API - load tested w/10k+ simultaneous requests



Only 950kB added to the mobile game size



Fraud protection with
Stripe payment processing



Fully customizable integration to match
the style of the game

Just a Couple Lines of Code


    public void GameOver()
   if (isGameOver)
   isGameOver = true;
   SetScores ();
   player.gameObject.SetActive (false);

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Track Your Sales


See real-time sales results in your dashboard:

All data about your revenue in one place

Control products you sell - activate or disable at any time

Improve results - recorded 25% increase in user’s lifetime value (LTV)

30+ Game Publishers

We’re working with Design Award winning Indie GameDevs, Game Studios and Game Publishers across the world. Helping our partners to increase their CLTV by 25%. Let’s work together!

We Are Proud Of


Cubiques 2

Rewarding active gamers with unique designs



Bring me cakes

By integrating Unity SDK, Bring me cakes added their game merchandise shop


How We’re Winning


We are enterpreneurs with 5 exits, IPO and 20+ years of gaming experience. More than 30 game studios are already using Monetizr Game Reward Engine. We have been awarded several international prizes and named "#1 most innovative company in Atlanta and the state of Georgia".

In The Press

Industry Support

Michael Cohn

Managing Dircetor

Simply put, the founders of TheMonetizr were born to build this business. It’s rare to find a group of cofounders, each with complementary skills, that align so well on vision and passion for the business. If anyone is going to build a universal game reward engine, it’s going to be this team.

Branden Middendorf

Organizer/Team Leader

Monetizr crew has been very active in the IGDA Cincinnati community by taking their expertise and aiding fellow developers their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Tim O’Neil

VP, North America

Monetizr is bringing a fresh approach to the crowded mobile app ecosystem. It's exciting to see them push the envelope and offer developers ways to engage with their users in the real world.

Jay Kidd

Game Designer

Monetizr is like a dream come true for developers; ads and microtransactions kill great games, now, there's a better way!

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