Intelligent Offer Management Platform

Create personalized offers and experiences for high-value players. Increase engagement by +19% and CLTV by +4%.

Give players more than they expect!

Connect 50+ Offers to your game. LET'S GO!

"Individualized experiences at scale"

For habit-forming games, Monetizr enables to create personalized offers & experiences, and segment high-value players and individual players IDs. Our machine-learning algorithm curates best-performing offers and automates daily operations for you.

Tim O'Neil

Martins Bratuskins

Founder at Monetizr

How it Works

Set goals, pick audiences and choose best offers. We''ll handle all day-to-day operations while you're in full control.

1. Set Goals

What's the most important goal you want to achieve? It could be increasing metrics like Retention, Engagement, Progression, Referrals, Monetization or Game Ratings.

2. Pick Audiences

Using what you know about the people you want to reach - such as game progression, game events, spend, retention or even individual player IDs - choose the player segment you wish to address.

3. Launch Offers

Choose and launch unique offers for each audience segment. Browse available offers on our Offer Catalog or request a custom offer to be created for your players.

Deliver Personalized Offers

for each Player Segment

Make every player feel like a VIP by delivering personalized offers. Launch ready-to-go offers from our Offer Catalog within hours or request a custom offer to be created specifically for your players. Contact your Monetizr's account manager to submit a custom request.

Platform Includes:


for offer management and stats.

Request access here.


for native in-game storefront setup for your game or platform. Read docs here.

Offer Marketplace

with unique physical and digital products. Also supports importing your existing inventory.

Benefits You Get

Plug & Play Solution

Keep players & community happy without any of the work for your marketing and live-ops teams.

App Store & Play Store Approved

Supports Apple Pay and Google Pay without having to pay the 30% cut.

Real-Time Control

Full control, segmentation and 24/7 reporting. Manage, edit and launch offers in real time.

Automated fulfillment

All physical and digital items are fulfilled by Monetizr. And yes, anywhere in the world.

Use Cases

From puzzle to arcade, from mobile to PC games - at Monetizr we've worked with game studios of all types and sizes.

Click to see case studies and best performing strategies.

Getting Started is Easy

Quotes and Media

Nolan Bushnell

Nolan Bushnell

Founder of Atari, Chuck E. Cheese

"Monetizr is like Chuck E. Cheese but for video games. It enables game developers to give rewards to gamers, which they can then exchange for physical merchandise products."

Tim O'Neil

Tim O'Neil

VP, North America at AppOnboard

"Monetizr brings a fresh approach to the crowded mobile app ecosystem. It's exciting to see them push the envelope and offer developers ways to engage with their users in the real world."

Christopher Volpe

Christopher Volpe

Multivarious Games, GDEX Conference

"We've partnered with Monetizr to offer in-app purchasing of real world merchandise! Playing the game will unlock discounts for this merch, so have fun playing without ads getting in the way!"

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