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The last year has massively accelerated systemic changes in the way customers access and consume content. Those changes have heightened the need to rethink how brands advertise and engage consumers to build their brands and deliver relevant experiences that truly matter.

Monetizr provides sequential multi-touch placements for authentic brand storytelling and first-party data collection. Branded missions are designed to help innovative brand managers explore the future of advertising and rethink how they engage consumers and remain top of mind in consumers’ hearts.

Brand appears in the main menu of a network of games.

Multiple branded missions are available to targeted players.

Players opt-in to engage with brand content (more engagement opportunities are below).

Players receive branded rewards after completing branded missions.

Engagement & conversion opportunities

Create relationships with GenZ and Millennial players with Monetizr's exclusive engagement tools, including branded videos, mini-games, surveys, rewards, 1st party data collection, and more.

Rewarded video. 6, 15, 30 second skippable and non-skippable videos.

Branded mini-game. Playable experiences that highlight your brand value proposition.

Surveys & Quizzes with 1-5 questions to gather insights from GenZ and Millennial consumers.

Email acquisition opportunities.

...and receive a free concept for your brand.

Activating brands at scale

We help brand managers unlock ultra-high engagement and scalability in the fragmented gaming space.


consumers globally and 78M in the US


high engagement rate

35 sec

long engagement time

on average

GenZ & Millennial


Leverage our gaming network to access 78M consumers in the US and 300M globally.

Native ad-formats with high engagement

Create authentic relationships with your consumers in a medium they love.

First party


Gather consumer email addresses, product feedback, get insights.

Third party


Audience measurement, IVT viewability and anti-fraud solutions.

Full funnel


From awareness to consideration to conversion. Drive loyalty system signups, subscriptions or direct purchases.



Benefit from our DSP partnerships - programmatic targeting, placements, and inventory buying.

...and discover how to organically integrate your brand in the lives of your consumers.

What is your brand objective?


Engage with GenZ & Millennials

Find out why 30% of game players opt-in and engage with a skin-care brand.


Gather consumer insights

Discover how a health-care brand gathered consumer insights about a new product within 48 hours.


Collect 1st Party Data

Learn why 7% of players subscribed to a fabric care brand newsletter within a game.

Let's innovate together!

Get a personalized demo and learn how to unlock scale in the fragmented gaming space.


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